nursery / SEEDS

At Colegio Nuevo Horizontes, educational activities for children of two to three years are aimed at promoting independence, autonomy and confidence, in a ludic environment and promoting social, emotional and cognitive growth of children through artistic activities that foster creativity and reflection. In a natural way, the initiation into a second language is gradually experienced; likewise, special attention is given to the formation of habits of hygiene, food and care for the environment.

SEEDS profile

We form children capable of living harmoniously, with the motivation and ability to achieve their personal development, willing to improve their social and natural environment, and with the desire to continue learning throughout their lives. Our students graduate from Kindergarten with literacy and mathematical thinking in the process of consolidation, showing achievements higher than expected at that level, respecting the maturity and individual differences of each student. Being a Bilingual School our students are able to use short phrases, listen and understand instructions and vocabulary of the classroom in the English language.