Middle School LEADER

In Middle School we accompany the students in their transition to greater maturity, achieving more expression and foundation of emotions, ideas, needs and initiative that materialize in research projects and Entrepreneurship. The use of the technology of transversal handle and Programming, allows that our students to obtain, analyze, filter information putting it to real use. In our Bilingual Secondary, through English and Japanese languages, as well as the practice of the subject of Makers, our students achieve greater understanding of a variety of disciplines, assuming responsibility for their own well-being and that of others, taking advantage of technology as a useful resource, they manage to make concrete proposals as a result of their collaborative work, and more importantly, they discover their personal resources and vocation, which favors them for success in their future school career.

Leader profile

The student graduated from Colegio Nuevos Horizontes is distinguished by:

  • 1. Have an entrepreneurial mentality.
  • 2. Be a leader with values.
  • 3. Have the ability to solve problems through proper decision making.
  • 4. Respect oneself, others, norms and their environment.
  • 5. Be responsible in life and actions.
  • 6. Have good manners.
  • 7. Be whole, dignified, and self-confident.
  • 8. Be committed to contributing to society in a positive way.
  • 9. Have a high academic performance.
  • 10. Be creative and be curious to know and investigate.
  • 11. Have a critical thinking and the ability to argue.
  • 12. Express yourself correctly and fluently in a second language.
  • 13. Work collaboratively.
  • 14. Take advantage of technology responsibly.