Elementary School / ENTREPRENEUR

In our elementary school, through Entrepreneurship, the use of written, oral, corporal language, morally acceptable attitudes, and the proposal of initiatives that improve their environment are favored; from the subject of Makers, it becomes a reality to enjoy art, innovation and culture in all its manifestations. Our environment as a Bilingual School, uses Spanish and English in a balanced way, because through the use of a second and third language (Chinese Mandarin) we favor in our students the multicultural vision of the world that they have to experience; On the other hand, with Robotics, sciences and the constant practice of research, we favor the solution of problems and curiosity that allow the solution of different types of problems, continue learning, and value the importance of healthy lifestyles. All this in a framework of healthy coexistence thanks to the methodological support of the KiVa Finnish Program

Entrepreneur Profile

The graduation profile of our Primary allows students to construct meanings and develop the understanding and transfer of learning, through research and resolution of properly structured problems. The objective of our training is focused on authentic learning that is strengthened through the rational use of technology, the development of multiple intelligences and thinking skills, as well as art and creativity, hand in hand with English language proficiency due to our nature as a Bilingual Primary.